You and Me

A revolution, of course, is only as good as its underground network of loyal comrades. I’ve been thinking for a long time about different ways to connect with you and pass on what I know.

Get It Done

If you tend to find yourself in a frantic rush any time you need to finish a craft project for a particular deadline, you’ll want to check out my Get It Done service: focused, individual help that will transform your crafting experience forever.

And coming soon…

Something that’s been in the works for a long time is finally nearly ready for action.

It’s … like … what a pattern club would become if you turned the patterns into seeds of revolution, designed to explode complacency and expand ambition, to empower and electrify even as they teach.

It’s called Glorious Comrades of the String Dawn. And I’m so excited about it I can hardly squeak.

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