Glorious Comrades of the String Dawn

Oh, my friend, I am here to plant the Seeds of Revolution in your heart, to foment fibrous rebellion and stringy sedition in your very marrow! Cast off (using your favourite technique) the shackles of the oppressor, and join me on a collective mission to alter the fabric of existence itself (hem-hem)!

Do you pine for stringy exploits that are vibrant, satisfying, deliciously awake and refreshing to the last stitch? Do you scour the electronic landscape in vain, seeking beauty, challenge, and delight, but finding only (…all right, mostly) the staid, the predictable, the complacent face of string?

Pine no more! The hour of your liberation is at hand! You have nothing to lose but your chainstitches!

Arise, and join us, the Glorious Comrades of the String Dawn!

The Revolutionary Horde: What are you on about?
Me: A fair question, well put.

OK, so, anybody less stringy, less revolutionary, than you (or me) might describe what we have here as “a kind of pattern club, only … more so, if you see what I mean”.

It’s simple: you subscribe, and each month I introduce you to the latest Seed of Revolution. This is either an original pattern, sprung fully armed from my head, or an adventure, wherein we see how far we can take an initial idea, or a design story, wherein I go into an exhilarating amount of detail about one of my major textile projects.

Stringy sub-disciplines may include sewing, beading, crochet, knitting, quilting … we’ll go wherever inspiration takes us. I say “we”, incidentally, because after the first three or four months, Glorious Comrades will have a say in selecting the forthcoming Seeds.

The Seeds of Revolution

Each Seed consists of a PDF file with clear written descriptions, instructions (where appropriate), photos, diagrams, etc. – all the information you’ll need to complete a project or undertake an adventure or understand precisely how a piece of textile art came to be made.

Additionally – and this is why they are revolutionary – each Seed includes suggestions for other ways to use the ideas and techniques it describes. Some will even have alternative design sketches or diagrams.

This material won’t be available anywhere else. As we go on, Glorious Comrades will have the opportunity to buy Seeds planted before they joined, but that won’t happen for several months.

Here are the Seeds for the first three months:

Detail of quilted bag Detail of Root and Branch quilt (March 2011)
Month the First
Pattern: A lined tote bag
Month the Second
Adventure: Irish crochet lace – but not as we know it
Month the Third
Design Story: My “Root & Branch” quilt from March 2011

Glorious Comradeship

If the thought of my throwing new techniques and instructions and exhortations at you every month unnerves you, don’t worry. Glorious Comradeship is not an arm’s-length deal. It’s a community. Like all good revolutionaries, in other words, we’re in this together.

Before I finalise a pattern, for instance, I’ll invite you to tell me what seems as though it might be tricky about the project, so that I can make sure the instructions are super clear. And if you’re stuck, or even just curious, you can send me questions at any time.

I bet you anything I’ll be learning as much as you will through this process – it’s all about growth and exploration.

You might be wondering about skill level. This isn’t a static thing, since we’re dealing with such a broad range of techniques. I’ll be very clear about the skills used in a given Seed. As a rule of thumb, I’m thinking “intermediate”, but the Seed’s inherent adaptability will stretch that definition in both directions.

Remember, you can always ask for support!

As the months go on, we’ll share photos of completed pieces, vote on forthcoming Seeds, and make suggestions for new things to try.

Another reassurance: you don’t have to love every single project to be a member of the community. If you’re not excited about a particular month’s offering, you have my permission to pass it on to a friend. (Who knows, you may recruit a new Glorious Comrade to the cause!) For extra credit, print out a pattern and present it as a gift together with the required materials.

At this point, you’d be forgiven for thinking OH EM GEE that sounds AMAHHHZING – where do I sign up?

Glorious Comrades will be going live in a few months, with limited spots at first.

To receive notification as soon as membership opens – and to get a nice juicy discount! – join the Revolutionary Horde here:

The mechanics

When you become a Glorious Comrade, you’ll sign up via PayPal to a recurring monthly charge. (You can go through your own PayPal account or just pay by credit card.)

You’ll also join the Glorious Comrades mailing list, which is where I reveal the location of the Seeds of Revolution.

Your card is automatically debited every month. You can unsubscribe at any time, and you’ll still retain access to the Seeds for the months during which you were a member.

Is this for you?

Like many of the best things in life, this is not for everyone.

I hope it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: do not consider Glorious Comradeship if you don’t like my work! What you’re getting here is basically pure, unfiltered, essence-of-Léan – the crafty, artistic, design ideas that won’t leave me alone until I make them. (Also, you need to know that execrable puns come as standard.)

So if this sings to you – if you’ve read this far with a big grin on your face and a little nest of excitement fizzing under your ribs – then please join us and see where the possibilities take you.

One other request: if you’re on the fence, I’d be thrilled if you’d contact me with any questions you might have before you make a decision.

Ready to join?

As I said above, Glorious Comrades of the String Dawn will be going live in a few months, with limited spots for the first couple of months while we find our feet.

The introductory price will be $15 (US dollars) per month, with a discount for Revolutionary Horde members.

If you’d like to be notified as soon as membership opens (no obligation to buy, obviously!), join the Revolutionary Horde here:

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