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You know how it is – you bounce into a new thing all fresh-faced enthusiasm – you’re bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, the works. You lope along, sun on your face, wind in your hair, and every seam or row or round or cut seems to proceed from its own little pocket of joy.

And then…

Something changes.

Perhaps it’s tangible: There’s a step coming up that you’re not quite sure about. You’ve never done a two-piece sleeve before, as it might be. Or fairisle. Or foundation piecing. You don’t know if you have the right glue to stick the wings firmly to the wastebasket you’re going to use as a helmet, and you don’t have an infinite supply of feathers…

Or simpler – something has gone awry, and now you have to decide whether to undo your work or forge ahead.

Perhaps it’s internal: You fall out of love. Some other spark catches the dry kindling of your creative mind. You begin to suspect that this time, you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. You start mixing up your mountains with your molehills. You get bored.

Either way, the project … slows … slides … grows sluggish … stutters to a stop.

(Sometimes this happens even before you’ve started working on it outside your head.)

And for some projects, this really matters. Say you’re making this amazing thing for a special occasion – a Halloween party, your best friend’s wedding, somebody’s big birthday… To put it plainly, there’s a deadline, and it’s not going to shift for you.

In this situation, you generally have two choices

You can abandon hope. (Ouch. Sadface.)

Or – and this has been my own traditional approach – you can pull out all the stops.

You’ll inevitably end up cramming most of the work into the final seventy-two hours.

Have you been there? Hemming your party dress with grim determination while the guests mingle downstairs… Furtively slipstitching the binding on a king-size quilt at the back of the church as its intended recipients utter their vows… Staying up frenetically stitching until 6:10 on the morning of the big day (by which point you’re so high on lack of sleep that you’re pretty sure you can hear your project muttering about you) … and being barely able to speak for two days afterwards.

Are you nodding your head in recognition? Then keep reading…


How would you like to finish your next project in time?

I don’t mean “in time” in the sense of “didn’t miss the event and am not actually dead”. I mean genuinely in time. In good time. With time to spare.

Imagine setting out to a special occasion with your fabulous creation completely done… If there’s glue, the glue is dry. If there are ends, they’re woven in. If there’s a hem, it’s stitched and pressed. The thing is even wrapped, for goodness sake, if that’s your style. No thread scraps flutter from your cuffs. No blocking pins lurk in your shoe.

And I’m not just talking about your next project either, but the one after as well. And the one after that. And the one after that.

Let me be clear here: I’m talking about never having to do that eleventh-hour sprint-marathon again. I’m talking about transforming your crafting experience forever.

Yes, I used to think it was a pipe-dream. But it turns out it can be done!

The fact is, I’ve learned a lot in the past three-plus decades of making stuff. Tricks and methods. Skills and strategies. Bits and pieces, culled from all sorts of sources, and collated into a sort of mental library, flexible enough to adapt to circumstances, focused enough to produce results.

You know what? I haven’t beaten the Procrastination Monster – of course I haven’t. (We don’t beat our monsters around here. That would be cruel.) Resistance shows up for me, just like for anyone else, especially when I’m working on something I really care about.

The difference is that now I have the means to handle it.

It’s been well over a year since I started implementing these approaches in my own creative life, and I haven’t looked back.

Now I want to share this stuff with you

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. We’ll talk – over the phone, by video chat, or on plain old IM. We’ll have an initial half-hour session in which you’ll tell me about your project and we’ll discuss what’s been stopping you from getting it done.
  2. We’ll identify the flavours of procrastination at play, and I’ll teach you some of the behavioural change techniques that have made all the difference to me.
  3. If you’re working in one of my areas of stringy expertise, I’m happy to help with practical advice too.
  4. We’ll make a concrete plan for your project during that initial conversation. I’ll e-mail you a summary so you’ll have it to hand.
  5. You’ll implement the plan, and we’ll check in by e-mail twice or three times during the time period we’ve agreed.
  6. At the end of that agreed time period, we’ll talk again. Maybe we’ll have nothing to do but swig champagne and squee about your marvellous finished piece. Or maybe it’ll be more of a progress report and an opportunity to map out next steps.
  7. If you’re happy that you’ve got what you needed out of the process, that could be the end of our work together. Alternatively, if your project is particularly big and hairy – or you simply want more – you’ll be able to book additional sessions at a discounted rate.

Details, details

I’m in Dublin, same time-zone as London, and I can generally do calls in the late evening (9:30-11:30pm) any day except Wednesday, in the morning (say 10:00-12:00) on Monday or Tuesday, or during the day at weekends (depending on other commitments).

The whole Get It Done package – the initial call, the e-mail summary of your implementation plan, two or three further e-mail exchanges, and the concluding call – is priced at US$84.

Let’s review the essentials, shall we?

Initial conversation about your project: Yup!
E-mail summary of your plan: Yes indeedy!
2-3 e-mail check-ins during our agreed time period: Oho, yes!
Follow-up conversation about your project: Yesser than yes!
Opportunity to book more sessions at a discount: Mais naturellement!
And all of this juicy goodness costs a mere US$84!

OK, you’re up for this. Hooray! Here’s what to do next:

  1. Click the Pay Now button above and go through the PayPal process (I’ll never see any of your financial details, and you don’t need a PayPal account of your own).
  2. In the comments section of the PayPal form, tell me what days and times suit you for our initial conversation.

Guarantee: If for any reason you have to cancel your Get It Done package at any time up to our first session together, I’ll refund your fee in full.

I’ll be in touch to arrange our first session. I can’t wait to hear about your project!


PS: If you want to get clear on where your project is at, where it’s headed, what’s been stopping you, and what to do about that, give this a try – it can’t possibly hurt.

$84 to kiss goodbye to those last-minute nightmares! Here’s that button again:

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