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Spring Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

And what of those Spring Forward socks? Well, according to the above photo, they appear to be motoring along nicely. Indeed, I’ve started on the second one.

But wait a minute – started on the second one before finishing the first?


Of course, plenty of people do this – they knit their pairs […]

Lace Shawl in Progress

UPDATE, 3 August 2011: On Monday I posted a plea here for some Kidsilk Haze (col. 583, lot 90) to finish this shawl. As of today, I will be buying the yarn I need from a fellow Raveller.

(Ravelry, right? Turns out it’s fabulous!)

I’ll post again here as developments … um … develop.


Socks! Well, One Sock

So, you remember a couple of Sundays ago, I showed you some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn, and posited that the next thing I cast on might be a sock?

See that up there? That’s a Spring Forward sock, that is, cast on last week. I’ve had my eye on the pattern for ages, and […]

The 9-Year Knitting Project

I am not the world’s greatest finisher of craft projects. I am also, truth be told, not the world’s greatest starter of craft projects. In fact, far too many of my projects reside only in my head, where they are no use to man or beast.

But let me talk about finishing.

The photograph […]

Return of the Purple Thing

It’s been more than usually mad around here these past few days, and I’ve been stalling on writing this post because I haven’t had a chance to take an up-to-date photo of the purple thing. But this evening the very lovely Niall helped me out, with his tripod and everything.

It fits! At least, […]

Et Tu, Brute?

The purple thing is breaking my heart. Or stabbing me in the back, as the title of this post suggests. Is it knitting karma, I wonder, after my smooth ride with Down in the Woods?

I took the above photo on Friday, preparatory to making a bubbly progress post to delight and entertain you. […]

Very Secret Mysteries, no. 1: Knitting

First of all, I want to say a big huge HELLO and WELCOME to all the new readers who’ve joined us since I got it together to start actually telling people about this blog. It’s genuinely exciting to get comments and e-mails from you in response to a post I’ve written. It’s what this […]

Six Tips for Designing Knitting Patterns

I’m on a serious design jag at the moment – finishing Down in the Woods and starting the purple thing in the past week. I’ve been knitting my own designs for (good lord) twenty years now, and I was asking myself this evening, have I learned anything useful? One or two things. Here – […]

Cast On

I cast on the purple thing last night. It’s flying along now – I’ve done almost 10cm. But I wanted to show you it in its newly cast-on state, because I love that. Just a few rows done, the pattern barely discernible – it’s such a hopeful little ribbon of knitting.

(See what I […]

Down in the Woods

I rarely manage to complete a project in its proper season, and this is no exception: here’s the Oyster’s new winter jumper, which I’ve finished up in some of the hottest weather Ireland has seen in years.

It’s a cuddly collared raglan in Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed. This is a fabulously soft yarn, […]