Hi, welcome to String Revolution. I'm Léan, I live in Dublin with my husband and two little boys, and I am a dangerous stringy subversive.
My job is to radiate my creative truth, and to help you radiate yours. I create, without exception, every day. I write here when I have something to say.

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Sunday Stash, no. 4

My sister’s best college friend is from Kolkata (aka Calcutta), in India. When she went there for a visit, I gave her money and said, “Silk. You know the sort of thing I like.”

And she did. Isn’t it gorgeous? It is so GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN and so PEEEEEEEEEEEEENK.

I can’t remember how much fabric there […]

Sunday Stash, no. 1

Feast your eyes on this thrilling silk, which a dear friend brought back from Vietnam as a present for me when she travelled there a few years ago. Isn’t it amazing? I adore the way the woven pattern is so sumptuous and intricate on the front, then recedes to make way for the calm […]