Hi, welcome to String Revolution. I'm Léan, I live in Dublin with my husband and two little boys, and I am a dangerous stringy subversive.
My job is to radiate my creative truth, and to help you radiate yours. I create, without exception, every day. I write here when I have something to say.

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We Interrupt Our Regular Schedule of Stringy Fare to Bring You a Truly Vicious Pun

Grand Experiment Running Totals

NINE (9) items sold, FORTY-ONE (41) to go.

Get yours here!

I sincerely believe that the English-speaking world is divided into two types of people.

If you are of the first type, you’ll find that you cannot look at the above image without dissolving in a puddle of helpless mirth […]

Why You Need a Perceptive 3-Year-Old About the House

That there, o siblings in string, is my embroidery stand. Harmless-looking thing, isn’t it?

The other week, I was in the kitchen with the Feaster, clearing away the lunch things and getting ready to go and pick the Oyster up from Montessori.

“Mama,” said the Feaster, “look! The floor is on fire!”

“Cool!” I […]

Get It Done

I think it’s fair to say that we stringy types are somewhat prone to Languishing Project Syndrome. I certainly am (as a look at my recent on-the-needles post will attest – for a start).

You know how it is – you bounce into a new thing all fresh-faced enthusiasm – you’re bright-tailed, bushy-eyed, the […]

Hardly Stringy At All

This month, I have been mostly mourning my grandmother and – somewhat unexpectedly – rewriting my novel. (Sixth time’s the charm, I’m hoping. It’s time this thing fecked off out of my head.)

These activities and others have taken me far away from the stringy regions of my life. Recently, though, I’ve been feeling […]

Why I Am Not Here

Oh, my friends, I have such an unruly mob of posts clamouring to be written.

My poor brainchildren. I didn’t think they’d have to wait this long.

August into the first part of September was a jostling, sprinty, headlong dash, with four separate trips away, house guests, several birthdays, creative feats ranging from a Master’s […]

I Am Not Here

You might have noticed my silence around these parts of late. I’m having a rather complicated time of it at the moment. Plenty of good stuff going on … and also, alas, plenty of not so good stuff.

Logistics are not on the side of my updating String Revolution regularly at present, and I’ve decided […]

On the Needles

When I was writing my 100th String Revolution post a few weeks ago, and looking back over the first 99 posts, I was struck by the fact that this used to be a much knittier blog than it is these days.

I haven’t written about knitting in ages. There are all sorts of reasons […]

Irish Patchwork Society Exhibition (featuring my quilt)

If you’re in Dublin any time between now and 2 August, you can see my Root & Branch quilt hanging – in breathtakingly illustrious company, I might add – in the IPS annual exhibition.

If memory serves, 94 quilts were hung in all, out of a total of 149. I’m delighted to have made […]

One Hundred Acts of String Revolution

This is the 100th blog post here at String Revolution! Whee! Celebrations!

I’ve been looking over the 99 posts that got us here, trying to read them with a bit of perspective – wondering, what sort of blog do I write?

It’s evolved, certainly, from that first hello. Internally, I’ve shifted focus from the […]

String! It’s Important!

Hop aboard – I’m riffing again on the theme of string politics.

Because string is so important, and we take it so deeply for granted!

Important? Really?

Yes! It’s so important that it’s practically invisible.

You know this already. String is everywhere. If you can’t name five stringy things you’ve encountered today, I’ll go so […]