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This Summer, I Have Been Mostly…

Hello! In place of a Proper Blog Post, have a life update.

Way back in March, Niall (the hozzband) suddenly forgot how to sleep, and what little focus I may have had was scattered to the four winds. Every project I was working on – wordy, stringy, businessy, or otherwise – slowed to a crawl. Things I planned – and worse, things I announced – in some cases still haven’t happened.

As well as making it impossible to plan anything, Niall’s sleep problems have had knock-on effects on his health and mine. It’s been a very medical couple of seasons. I won’t bore you with the details (if you know us in person, feel free to ask), but I’m relieved to say that five months on, there are some hints that we may be pulling out of this phase.

Not that I’ve been exactly idle, you understand.

If crawling was all I was fit for, then by god, I crawled…

I started my City & Guilds course, of which I am adoring every second.

I made two tiny quilts and started two wall hangings. I’ll show you those very soon.

I went to Rally (Rally!) in Portland, Oregon.

I wrote up my Rally Diary, and as soon as it’s edited and laid out I’ll be sending it to the fabulously generous – and no doubt also shockingly intelligent and sexually irresistible – donors to the Portland Fund. (If you’re interested, you can still get in on the action at that post I just linked to.)

Through all the chaos, I kept an important promise to myself. (Yes – 211 days and counting. I am amazed.)

And then last week I sent off the latest draft of my novel to my literary agent, thus freeing up whole provinces of my brain. The creative geyser is on again. Feels good.

Mind you, I celebrated that particular milestone by coming down with a nasty dose of bronchitis. Woo! As of today, though, I appear to be able to breathe all the way in without coughing up seventeen barrels of ick, which is lovely.

Things I’d like to talk about here soon

The stringy projects I’ve been working on.

Line, shape, form, texture, and numerous other juicy topics from my City & Guilds course.

The amazing textiles I recently inherited from my grandmother.

Sewing machines and how one might feel about them.

The idea of a “pattern”, and why it often leaves me unsatisfied.

…and, as they have a tendency to say, much, much more.

But (as they also can’t seem to refrain from saying) enough about me!

How’ve you been? What exploits, stringy or non-stringy, have been occupying your time of late? I’d love to hear.

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