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But Léan, how was Rally?

Painting (stamps and watercolour), April 2012

I travelled to Portland, Oregon, last month for a Rally at Havi Brooks’s Playground. Rally is, I can now definitely confirm, a state of mind – as well as a three-and-a-bit-day internal adventure undertaken in the sovereign company of utterly delightful people. With sea shanties! And Shiva Nata! And silly hats! Someone described it as “personal-development Montessori for grownups”, which is not far off.

And how was it?

Oh my goodness, it was amazing. I’ve given up trying to describe it in its wholeness, so here are some glimpses.

There was an incredibly useful dialogue with the part of me who believes that loudly and obviously Knowing Things is the only reliable way to get love.

There was the shocking blaze of certainty that my job is to radiate my creative truth.

There was my curious conviction all week that the quality of Trust is cadmium yellow. (I did a good deal of painting at Rally.)

There were some game-changing insights about rest and restedness, bed time and morning time.

There was a moment, as I snuggled up under a blanket on a heap of cushions, when I suddenly realised that just then, I had all the love and safety I needed. I cannot exaggerate how profound this was. I’ve touched back to that moment many, many times since it happened, and it still warms me.

There was the news (which was not really news) that my hips are workaholics.

There was plenty of swinging in the hammock (as the sign says, Stop! Hammock time!).

There were pools of gorgeous clarity about where I want to take my work and my play. There were learnings about space, learnings about time, and learnings about who I am and where I’m going.

There was a coronation…

Perhaps you had to be there.

If you weren’t, and if what I’ve told you here seems interesting, you might like to know that I’m writing up my Rally Diary, which will be available soon and will contain details of all the above juiciness and more.

If you’d like me to send you a copy when it’s done, all you have to do is click this here button and donate something – tiny, huge, or anywhere in between – to the Portland Fund:

Meanwhile, my teleclass on getting your projects to the finish line will be happening at the end of June, so watch out for more news about that. Donating to the Portland Fund will also get you an invitation to this class.

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