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The Portland Fund


The Portland Fund is GO!

As I’ve mentioned, my Big Plan for April involves raising money to go to Portland, Oregon, to attend a Rally (Rally!) at Havi Brooks’s Playground.

I need in the region of US$2000 to cover flights, accommodation, and daily expenses (the Rally itself is paid for).

What is a Rally?

Rally is … ultimately a state of mind, I suspect. It’s an event held at Havi’s Playground, where people like me (and you?) gather to work on their projects for four days, in an atmosphere of play, permission, possibility, and pirate-yoga.

Not to mention Shiva Nata, which makes everything more fabulous.

Since I don’t happen to have US$2000 burning a hole in my back pocket, I’m asking for your help…

How am I going to raise the money?

1. Straight-up donations!

If you’d simply like to help me because you happen to be a person of surpassing loveliness who is made of solid WIN, you can click yonder button >>> and donate.

  • Your donation will be welcomed with fanfares of silver trumpets and a chorus-line of cartoon ostriches.1
  • You might be curious to know what attending a Rally is actually like. In heartfelt appreciation of your generosity, I’ll send you my Rally Diary after I come home. This will be a spiffed-up, drivel-free version of my explorations and impressions, both verbal and visual, giving you a chance to enjoy the essence of the experience without having to commit big money or time.2

1 While stocks last. Contents may settle in transit. The value of your ostriches may fall as well as rise. Void where prohibited.
2 This one’s real.

2. Teleclass!

I’ve wanted to run a class like this for a while, and here is the perfect opportunity.

The theme: Care and feeding of your UFOs, and how to bring them to the finish-line.

[Note for bemused non-crafters: UFO = UnFinished Object.]

Do you have a million projects at various stages of completion? Do you tend to leap to the next shiny thing, abandoning whatever you have on the go? Do you often find yourself finishing a project long after the season – or the occasion – for which you’d originally planned it? What makes you fall out of love? And what will help you get back on track?

This class will explore these questions from every angle. You’ll come away with insights and fresh perspectives that’ll help you start to unpick your own personal UFO tangle.

The class will be held over the phone, at a date and time that I’ll announce as soon as they’re set.
Don’t worry if you can’t make it live: there will be a recording.

  • If you donate by clicking yonder button >>> (or the one above, it makes no difference), you’ll be invited to the class.
  • This is in addition to the silver trumpets, the cartoon ostriches, and the Rally Diary (see above).
  • And if you donate US$42 or more, I’m offering you a one-to-one follow-up session, at a mutually convenient time, to see how you got on with the class material.

3. The String Revolution Shop!

(I’ve been moving the furniture around – it’s a lot more user-friendly than it was.)

The Get It Done introductory price has ended, but it’s still a bargain for what you get.

Secret Crowns and Capes will be retiring in their current form soon, so if you’ve been hankering after one of your own, now would be an excellent time to order it.

Then there’s always Stitch My Kid’s Art, which might still be my favourite thing ever.

…or, you know, several hundred people could buy Colonial Eggacy. That’d sort it.

Why do I want to go to this Rally?

You know when you hear about something and every particle of all your scattered selves just goes woomph! Yes! Total alignment! That’s us, right there – this has to happen!

That’s me and Rally. That’s me and the Playground, indeed. I’ve been there once, for a Shiva Nata workshop, and it was nothing short of mind-blowing. I was in Portland for less than 24 hours on that occasion, and I’ve been planning my return ever since.

I want to go because I think it’ll cause creative explosions, and I’m ready to explode. For the last six months or so I’ve had this core of seething, searing, red-hot creative energy powering me … but it’s unfocused. It keeps me up at night, but it doesn’t necessarily show me where it wants to go.

Rally, for me, will be an opportunity to fling myself into the flow of that energy, to explore it, to ride it, to figure out what feeds it and how it can feed my vision.

Rally will help me to get my work to where it belongs – out there in the world with the people who will be touched and changed by it.

The April 2012 Rally is particularly special, because it’ll be populated by alumni of Havi Brooks’s Kitchen Table, a community I’ve been part of for more than two years. I can’t begin to describe how valuable the Kitchen Table has been for me – personally, interpersonally, creatively, socially, professionally… Words actually fail me.

So yes. The prospect of this trip is just the teensiest bit monumental!

Can you help? I will totally love you forever.

Visit the String Revolution Shop and see if it might be time to buy some of my work…

Or simply donate and receive the Rally Diary, an invitation to the UFO teleclass, and my undying gratitude:

PS: Those are, of course, redwoods in the photograph, which are botanically All Wrong for Portland. When I went looking through my photos from our US stay in 2010 it turned out that I’d taken none at all in Portland. However, the redwoods, which stand in Muir Woods just north of San Francisco, seem appropriate metaphorically. They are such stonkingly ambitious trees.

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