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Working for The Woman

Splodey light

This is a post of highly personal celebration.

Someone asked me recently what I did, and there was this little explosion under my ribs. (I don’t think she saw.)

“I do various things,” I said. “I write fiction, I make textile art, I teach.”

All quite true: I do.

What I didn’t mention was that two important things have changed recently, which make my answer to that question feel very different.


Thing One: Back in November, after much careful thought and discussion, I resigned from my day job (copyeditor at an academic publisher). And somehow, even though I haven’t actually worked there since just before the Feaster was born in 2007, this felt like a major development.

Thing Two: As of December, thanks to the galvanising effect of Thing One and also to the good offices of a kind mentor, I have a literary agent. She’ll be working on placing my novel as soon as I finish the current round of edits.

So when I said “I write fiction, I make textile art, I teach”, an inner part of me was jumping up and down blowing a party squeaker and waving a sparkler. This is it! she was yelling. This is your JOB now!

My work…

I mean, my work – the work that blazes through my nights and days, won’t let me rest, fizzes and bulges in my brain until I sit down and give it what it demands –

…is now my job.

How cool is that?

Very, is how.

And the brilliant thing is, I’m still doing all the same stuff. But now I’m doing it officially. I’m my own boss. I’m out.

It’s like I’ve moved across the street: I’m looking at the same view, but my perspective has changed. This side is sunnier, and more spacious.

The Revolutionary Horde

So you won’t be astonished to hear that I’m working hard on the business side of String Revolution these days. I’ll shortly be opening registration for my shiniest idea yet, a pattern club of such glowing fabulosity that I do the happy dance whenever I think about it.

Aaaaaaand … I’m looking for your help! If you enjoy my work, I urge you to join our mailing list, The Revolutionary Horde. This is where you’ll have prime access to all the new ideas, opportunities, and (let’s not be coy here) discounts I have to offer. You’ll also be able to help me shape the direction of String Revolution, to make sure that what I offer is exactly suited to what you need and desire.

If you’re interested, here’s the form.

(I hope it goes without saying that unsubscribing is a piece of cake, and I’ll never, ever share your details with anyone else.)

Meanwhile, if you felt like raising a whoop for me and my new internal landscape, I’d be delighted!

Up the Revolution!

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