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ALL the Things, no. 5: Colonial Eggacy!

This week I’m summarising the heap of offers and announcements I’ve made in the last little while. Some of them, you might have noticed the first time around – in which case, please pass along with my gratitude for your patience. Others, you might have missed – in which case, I hope you see something you love.

Colonial Eggacy (could it be the worst pun-cluster in the universe?)

Thing the Fifth: Colonial Eggacy!

You’ll remember this one, if you know me at all, because I’ve barely shut up about it since it went live.

Anyone just joining us, if you appreciate this execrable pun you can buy it on products at my Zazzle shop.

And if it’s not to your taste, well, what could be a more perfect gift for the pun-loving critic of colonialism in your life?

Incidentally, I’ve added a bag and a magnet to the product range since we last spoke.

Zazzle’s Christmas shipping deadlines are coming up pretty soon, by the way:

  • For dark-coloured T-shirts: 4 December (that’s this Sunday)
  • For light-coloured T-shirts, mugs, bags, and magnets: 8 December (that’s this Thursday)
  • Or you can pay express rates up to 16 December and 19 December respectively

…so get your order in before it’s too late!

PS: Is it wrong that “perfidious albumen” still makes me giggle?

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