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One Hundred Acts of String Revolution


This is the 100th blog post here at String Revolution! Whee! Celebrations!

I’ve been looking over the 99 posts that got us here, trying to read them with a bit of perspective – wondering, what sort of blog do I write?

It’s evolved, certainly, from that first hello. Internally, I’ve shifted focus from the simple presentation of projects, stash, and techniques to a more reflective approach. I still write about what I’m making, but the posts I’m most excited about tend to be the ones with a strong political or philosophical slant. This suits me better than [what I think of as] the standard “craft blogger” mode: since I produce work very slowly, I don’t have the output to sustain a purely project-based blog.

(If encouraging comments are anything to go by, it seems to suit you fairly well too!)

Favourite Posts

Your favourites among the first 99 posts – measured somewhat crudely by the number of comments – have been these:

  1. Dispatches from the Gender Ghetto
  2. Gender Normativity, Dystopian Underpants, and How the Kyriarchy Stole My Goat
  3. Customer Love (with free offer)
  4. Pricing at the Craft Fair (or, Magic and Mortgages)
  5. Quilt: Root & Branch
  6. String Songs: Tuirne Mháire

That list covers most of the bases, for me: it has my favourite finished project so far (the Root & Branch quilt), it has songs, it has politics, it has business. (And it has my first and thus far only troll, who arrived just in time for my birthday last year, bless him.)

Other favourites of mine?

On the political side, I’ve always had a soft spot for Craft, Compulsion, Privilege, Pay, which was the first time I’d written about some of the themes I’m working on here. I also like the much more recent Welcome to the String Revolution, which sets out what I’m trying to do with this whole enterprise (as well as linking yet again to that book I’m totally not obsessed with, honest).

Regarding creativity and my personal artistic journey, I’m very fond of 9 Crafting Tips from My 9-Year-Old Self and (more recently) Big Messes.

Bed of Roses?

Not entirely! There are several areas I’d like to improve on as I make my way through my next 100 posts and beyond. Some that spring to mind are:

  1. Posting more frequently. When I started I aimed for six to eight posts a month; these days I’m lucky if I manage half that. There are all kinds of reasons for the fall-off, and various strategies that might help. I want to work on processing the former and implementing the latter.
  2. Sorting out my trouble with series. I have a lamentable habit of designing a series, starting it, then dropping it. I’m not quite sure why this is, but I’d like to change the pattern. Either that, or make peace with the fact that I’m not a series blogger.
  3. Finishing what I’ve started. Relatedly, I’m having trouble bringing a number of the ventures I’ve begun here to a satisfactory conclusion. This occasions no end of anguish, shame, frustration, and so forth, which as you can imagine doesn’t help with the procrastination habit. More inner work needed. Ideally, followed by outer work. Yes.
  4. Making money. Ah, yes, the elephant in the room, the goal that dare not speak its name, etc. etc. – I refer of course to my seditious plot to become a Craft Tycoon earn a living from my creative work. From the outside, I imagine, it doesn’t look as though I’ve done a lot with this, but in fact, it’s something I’m working on constantly behind the scenes. (In mitigation, I was starting from an unusually business-phobic base.) I’ve tried some things, made some mistakes, done some high-quality failing, and I’ve learnt a huge amount. Now let’s see if I can turn all that into something concrete before too long.

Whatever Next?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be gently overhauling various bits of the website, adding a few new pages, editing others – mostly infrastructural stuff. I’ll post a roundup of the changes when I’ve got through my to-do list on this front.

Look out for news of my forthcoming pattern club – it’s going to be super fabulous sparkly great (get me with my marketing – but actually, it really is – wait till you see what I’m calling it).

I’ll also be creating an announcement list soon, where you can sign up to get advance notice of all the various goings on here at String Revolution.

Anything Else?

What would you like to see more of here? (Or – heaven forfend – less of?) Responses, suggestions, theories, requests – send them over!

Finally and in conclusion, I hope you’ll join me for the next 100 posts. Up the Revolution, siblings in string!

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