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Customer Love (with free offer)

Customer Love!

Late, late, late one night at the end of October, I signed up for the November round of the Customer Love Challenge.* This is the brainchild of LaVonne Ellis, conceived on foot of a post by Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz, entitled Make Them Love You. THEN Ask For Money.

* that’s #customerlove for Twittererererers (of which I am one).

Make Them Love You

I’m not a huge fan of making people do things. Fortunately, that isn’t really how this works. Customer Love is far more subtle, and (I think) far more worthwhile, than the raw “make them do what you want” message you might initially pick up.

Apart from anything else, the “love” part of “customer love” is a reciprocal deal. Challenge participants set out to spend the month showering their people with good things – information, links, offers, answers, small kindnesses and large gestures – with a view to broadening and deepening their connections. Broader and deeper connections help businesses to thrive, goes the theory.

That sounds good to me, which is why I signed up.

THEN Ask For Money

[Insert obligatory agonising.] I’m still struggling with this part.

As you’ll gather if you read my tortured witterings about marketing back in March, I find it extremely hard to think of anyone as a customer. (Augh! Aieeeee! Buy! Buy! Buy now! Give me all your money!) Since starting String Revolution, I’ve tended to think of you as friends, people I’m connecting with. If pressed, I might go so far as to say audience.

Which partly explains why it took me so long to start offering things for sale, and why most of my ideas for offers are as yet unimplemented.

And yet, obviously, if I want a business, I need customers. I want to create things that touch you, and I want some of you – ideally, hordes of you – to get such value out of what I offer that you pay for it. Delightedly, and frequently. Hooray!

At the same time, I don’t want you ever to feel pressured to buy from me, or to buy for any reason other than sheer inclination. So if you’re concerned that this whole “Customer Love” schtick means that I won’t love you if you’re not a customer, don’t be. Really. I can’t emphasise that enough.

So, anyway

I’ve been following along with Customer Love silently all month. And here we are, November more than half gone, and I’m only just mentioning it here.

But! I have a Thing!

One of the things I can do for you is to make an embroidery out of words and symbols that you choose (aka the secret crowns and capes service).

My very first emblem, and the stitched version

Before stitching these, I design them – letter shapes, line art, composition. Essentially, I’m creating a personal emblem for each client.

Some of the emblems I've created as part of the Secret Crowns and Capes project

And it strikes me that some of you might want just the emblem, thanks, to use however you like.

So in honour of Customer Love (and also, I must admit, to see if there’s any demand for this) I’m offering free emblems until the end of November.

You could use your emblem as a monogram or a logo, put it on your stationery, print it on a card and stick it somewhere to remind you of the qualities it expresses, carry it around in your wallet – anything. You could even embroider it yourself, if you’re so inclined. I don’t mind, as long as it makes you happy.

What I’ll do

  1. I’ll sit down with your chosen words/symbols, and play around until I come up with a great design.
  2. I’ll clean up the design, trace it onto blank white paper, and scan it.
  3. I’ll e-mail you a PDF of your emblem to use exactly as you wish.

What I want you to do

If you like this idea, please do any or all of the following:

  1. Comment below, and tell me what words and symbols you want in your emblem (up to five elements in total). Tell me roughly what size you want it to be. If you like, tell me how you’ll be using your emblem when you get it.
  2. Tell everybody! Look out for my tweets on the #customerlove hashtag and retweet them, or just do whatever you normally do when you share this kind of thing.
  3. Tell me how I can do this better! In the spirit of Customer Love, I’m launching with minimal preparation, working with the tools I have, so please don’t hesitate to make suggestions. In particular, if you like this idea but you’re not going for the free offer, what could I change to make it irresistible to you?

Small print:
In the (fairly unlikely) event that I am completely deluged by requests, I reserve the right to end this free offer before the end of November.

I also reserve the right not to make an emblem featuring words or symbols that I find offensive. (For reference, I’m offended by oppression and by all forms of bigotry – so no racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, sizeism, ableism, ageism, classism, sectarianism, or similar. Not that you would.)

I’m emphatically not offended by queerness of any kind, reclamation of otherwise offensive terms by members of an oppressed group, spiritual or secular beliefs that don’t fit in the previous paragraph, or political statements ditto.

Go on, then

You know you want to. Let the commenting begin!

22 comments to Customer Love (with free offer)

  • nathan


    Would like 2 kitties (ninja kitties would be AWESOME)
    Words: spunk, awesome, cuddles

    I’ll be using it pretty much everywhere (business cards, website, a cape from you when I have some spare paypals, tattooed on my ass if I get /really/ drunk…)


  • OH how I love this.

    I’d like:

    yoga pose (preferably crow or any of the warriors)
    hand (as in the palm of it)
    animal/s or nature that you think are nifty

    Somehow I’d like to incorporate all the coolness that Lisa Miles Brady got out of me on her recent lisa-unmasked blog. however, that’s a lot of words. so mostly I’m a fan of these:

    or changing the world ain’t for sissies.

    I’ll use it on my biz card (finally something that shrieks PEGGGGGGGGIIIEEEE!) blog and wherever else my little heart can think up.


  • What an amazing and generous offer! I can’t think of anything right now [though I may come back later, lol] – just wanted to comment on the difficulty so many of us are having with the whole idea of selling.

    I’m hoping that’s the real value of #customerlove – helping to get us unstuck from that fear so we can truly have BUSINESSES, not just wishful thoughts. I saw that happen to a number of people during the first challenge. It’s happening to me this time, and I hope it happens for you too. 🙂

  • Wow, just wow. What a fantastic idea! I’ll happily jump on board.

    My words:


    And I would like the symbol to be made out of my initials (W and C). Like, for instance, if you rotate the C 90 degrees clockwise and put it above the W, you get a hoofprint-like icon. If you flip that upside-down, you might see a person wearing a crown (aha! Sovereignty!). You could even make them cursive and swirly and not letterlike at all. I promise I will LOVE it.

    How will I use this? On my website, for sure — possibly on business cards or ebooks as well. And I’ve been secretly wanting a secret crown or cape, so this is just one more reason for me to earmark some funds for that!

  • Yahoo! I’ve been furtively eye-ing your secret capes and crowns as I wait for the money faeries to notice me. So thank you for giving me an opportunity to have some of your magic pro bono!

    I would like:

    1. Abundance
    2. Vitality
    3. Sovereignty

    4. Lotus Blossum
    5. Rising sun with rays (I see this as rising out of the lotus, but am open to your creative genius)

    As for size, I’m thinking around 5″X 7″.

    I think I’ve just chosen my 3 “Words of the Year” for 2011. I will put this on my Magical Map for 2011, my computer wallpaper, and anywhere else I can think of.

    Thank you so much for doing this. I have a strong suspicion that if you make this available (free or paid) again, I will be putting in a request for a business related emblem.

  • I’ll have to have a think about this!

  • Nuala

    Happy Fun Nuala and something knitting related, please. Part of my vague long term plan to properly brand myself in future – probably starting with using it on moo cards.

  • Hoorah! I LOVE this!
    I’m struggling to decide between something yarny or…not. hm.
    How about this:
    a yarn ball
    with needles + knitted fabric (optional)
    Tara Swiger


  • Wow, what an amazing idea!! Thanks to Tara for the retweet! ooh… Words: Strength, growth, joy. Symbols: leaves or a tree; a greyhound/lurcher type dog. Swirliness!

    Oops. I think I exceeded my five. You decide!

    Size: whatever works!
    Use: maybe website, maybe cards. A secret cape, possibly, in the future. (How did I not know of your capes already?! It is a mystery to me!)


  • This is so sweet of you, and such a great idea.

    Image: Jackrabbit, possibly in leaping/boxing pose
    Words: None–just your pretty swirly lines encircling the rabbit. I love your lines!

    Size: 6 to 8 inches, maybe? I don’t know–use your judgment.
    Use: Possibly a cape, but definitely a wall hanging.

  • Awesome! I’ve always wanted an emblem 🙂

    Words: Fibrous
    and something to do with wool and fluffy and quirky and cute

    I’ll probably use it online, like as a button on my blog, so smallish please.

    (found out about this from Tara’s tweet) :)!

  • Maartje

    Love this idea! Not to mention the finished emblems you posted. The octopus is brilliance made matter.

    I have a (very sappy, feeling slightly embarrassed mentioning it!) ask for an emblem:

    An ivy leaf and an antique key, with the words ‘I love you’

    Uses: every time I need some love. 😉

  • Hi!

    Wow this is amazing. I’d love to get on board!

    I would like an emblem to use on my business cards, etc. I have a yarn/fiber biz on Etsy.

    Hoping for a snail whose trail is “poetry…”

    and/or a yarn-ball snail!

  • Such a kind and sweet offer! (I am still pondering what offer to make, so no worries abt. the silent following & just now making yours. I’m with ya.)

    Don’t know if this is possible but would LOVE it for biz cards, logo, etc….

    Symbol: a dress

    Words: if punctuation is not possible … Dressing My Truth

    Words: if punctuation is possible … Dressing My Truth! You?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Ailbhe

    I cannot imagine what mine could be.

  • Love your offer. I’m a 12 year old and just started having my own blog. I’ll love to add a personalised emblem. I’m a fan of neopets so maybe you can design something with the words antsy biz to go with it. I want a design that’s not childish but one that I can use forever…

    Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon!

    Steve Blake

  • A personalized emblem would really make my day!
    Can you make one with a heart wrapping around my name? I’m kind of sentimental and I’ll love to have them embossed in my stationery, perhaps in labels or business cards later on… i’ll let the whole world know you created it just for me!

    Thanks a bunch!

  • What a lovely offer; I used to design custom cross stitch pieces for people, and then Mum, Dad or me would stitch them. It’ll be great to see the emblems you create for #CustomerLove.

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  • Amy

    I’ve been trying to think of something to ask for weeks! I love this idea so much but can’t seem to narrow it down much.

    I *think* I’ve narrowed it down to a balance scale with the words Safety and Freedom balanced.

    Size: 3″x3″ or so
    Uses: probably just personal use, as a reminder. *Maybe* as an emblem on biz cards, but not as likely.

    Thank you so much!

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