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Autumn Leaves

Quilted autumn leaves wall hanging

Here in Ireland, we kissed autumn goodbye the week before last: 1 November is the official beginning of winter. (Yay seasonal change! I love it!)

But last month, I did a workshop with Northern Irish quilter Margaret Woodside, where we made these rather splendid wall hangings out of quilted autumn leaves.

The workshop was called “Turning”, which beautifully evokes the transition from summer to autumn colours, but also refers to a nifty little technique Margaret taught us for turning out tricky stitched shapes. I’m working up another project that uses this technique, which I’ll post here very soon.

Quilted autumn leaves arranged on the grass

We brought in actual leaves to work from (and Margaret also had several, all nicely pressed), and the results were – I think – very pleasing. I love the variation in size, and the way we were able to base our stitched veins on the real thing.

Quilted leaf of Heptacodium miconioides, or Seven Son Flower

Check this out: yes, that veining is genuine. It’s based on a leaf from my cherished Heptacodium miconioides, or Seven Son Flower, a rare shrub that Niall’s mother gave me last year.

Heptacodium miconioides, or Seven Son Flower

The veins do this wonderful looping thing, giving an effect that looks almost quilted to start with.

I was amused by how hard it was to find suitable fabrics in my stash. As everyone else unfolded their russets and golds and tans, I frantically rummaged in my bag for anything that could, at a stretch, be interpreted as vaguely leafy.

It seems I’m just not a natural buyer of autumnal fabrics – but I really like the vivid palette I ended up using.

Quilted autumn leaves wall hanging (on my garden bench)

Back home, when the leaves were all finished, I arranged them in a layout that pleased me, then pinned them and sewed them together with a few stitches at the back of each join.

I’ve hung the piece against a white wall, but I may frame it at some point.

Arty shot of quilted autumn leaves wall hanging, as seen through calathea leaves

(Here, have an arty – aka blurred – shot, seen through the leaves of my calathea.)

Opinion is divided as to the optimal background colour. I think it looks good against the white, but Niall’s mother would love to see it against a golden yellow.

What do you think?

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