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Dragon Rampant

Embroidered dragon

You know, it is no exaggeration to say that children’s art turns me into a rippling, coruscating lump of pure joy. (OK, I suppose it might be a slight exaggeration.) Here’s a drawing by the Oyster, which I’ve embroidered on calico with cotton threads.

Isn’t it marvellous? (I can say that, right, because it’s not really by me.) I’ve followed each line as faithfully as possible, and since the original is monochrome I’ve added colours in consultation with the artist.

I just love the sureness of it – the curls of smoke, the jaunty tail, the wing bones. He dashed it off in about a minute, all gleeful and rampant. Glorious.

I’m working on some more. They’ll make good Christmas presents for the rellies.

12 comments to Dragon Rampant

  • Jess

    This is absolutely AMAZING. And also, wouldn’t this be a great business idea? I’m sure loads of parents would love the option of having their children’s drawings embroidered.

  • Jessica

    Is it very wrong of me to be a bit heartbroken that M doesn’t like to draw (yet)??? Sadly, he became completely averse to it after forced art activities in both Waldorf & Montessori preschool classes. Now we’re having to deschool Art (among so many other things)…aak!
    I absolutely ADORE the Oyster’s drawings, but you know that. And this, my dear, is sublime. You should post it to soulemama’s flickr thread — she has one for projects inspired by The Creative Family!

  • that is indeed marvellous and it’s a proper red dragon too 🙂

  • Moya

    This is gorgeous!

  • leannich

    @Jess: I’m so glad you like it! And I’m thrilled at your suggestion that there might be a business idea in there somewhere, because that’s one of the ideas I’m kicking around.

    @Tracy: Thanks!

    @Jessica: Aww, it must be frustrating that M is so averse to art! I know it’s not the same, but O has gone through phases of producing next to nothing, and I’ve wondered if I should try to schedule it somehow. Never got around to it (see under path-of-least-resistance parenting!), and he always came back around to a productive phase again. F doesn’t draw at all yet. So glad you like the dragon 🙂

    @Maria: Thanks! He was very clear that it should be red (the original is in ordinary pencil).

    @Moya: Thank you!

  • A friend pointed this out to me because I recently scanned in and digitized a heap of my son’s drawings to be printed on T-shirts, I loved them so much. Of course yours takes far more talent but I have to concur; the concept is brilliant 😉

    And yes, guess what everyone’s getting for christmas this year?

    You can see one here or here

  • leannich

    @Faith: Kids’ art is just the best, isn’t it! I love those T-shirts 🙂

  • Phil

    Why, if this isn’t the perfect combination of the Flag of Wales and Trogdor the Burninator!

  • Seriously, I think you could build an entire business on this alone. You could probably employ an army of embroiderers! (Try saying that out loud…)
    Or keep it as a special thing for your family. Either way, congrats, it’s amazing!

  • leannich

    @Ailbhe: That bag is just marvellous.

    @Phil: Hee hee! I’m honoured.

    @Sandra: Ooh, an army of embroiderers – I like the sound of that!

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