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Socks! Well, One Sock

Spring Forward sock, being knitted in handpainted yarn

So, you remember a couple of Sundays ago, I showed you some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn, and posited that the next thing I cast on might be a sock?

See that up there? That’s a Spring Forward sock, that is, cast on last week. I’ve had my eye on the pattern for ages, and I’m finally using some luscious artisanal yarn that two dear friends gave me for my birthday a while ago. (Glitz, Bias, I’ve lost the label, and I can’t remember where it came from – can you?)

I even learned a new cast-on for it (as per my goal): the “old Norwegian” or “twisted German” style, which gives a beautiful, stretchy edge.

Despite my slightly odd issues about socks, I’m really enjoying this. Making excellent progress, too: I turned the heel yesterday and am half way through the gussets. The yarn works beautifully with the pattern, which in turn is easily memorised and solidly satisfying.

I’m totally in love with the slipped-stitch heel-flap, moreover – so much so that I’m harbouring mad notions of one day making a jumper featuring that texture. Planning to knit a jumper in sock yarn is a symptom of something serious, I’m pretty sure. I may have to be talked down.

In the meantime, it’s lovely to be following someone else’s instructions for a change, because the purple thing is mired in intarsia and can’t be worked on except in good light with minimal interruptions. Which … yeah. Not such a feature of my life at the moment.

(The minimal interruptions part, I mean. The light’s fine.)

7 comments to Socks! Well, One Sock

  • Deirdre

    Oh yes, there’s something quite meditative about heels, almost pulls you in and refuses to let you go sometimes.

  • Emma

    Gorgeous. Such a beautiful pattern. Please show us them when you’re wearing them too!

  • leannich

    @Deirdre: Thanks! I’m loving them. And yes, I keep going back to fondle the heel flap some more … though I could stop any time I wanted, obviously. I think.

    @Emma: I’ll most certainly post another photo when they’re finished!

  • oh those are some very pretty socks. i love the colours… no to mention the pattern you’re knitting in to them…

  • leannich

    @Melissa: I absolutely love the colours! The shifts between green and pink are so subtle and varied. There are lilacs and blues and beiges and all kinds of things in there. I think the colours really go with the “spring” theme of the socks, too.

  • Mary

    Belatedly, it’s the Natural Dye Studio. Having lived with my own socks from their sock yarn, I should warn you that it felts very easily (which you’d probably guessed from handling it) and also isn’t massively strong – I had to reinforced the heels of mine, after one wore through. But it is amazingly warm and looks absolutely gorgeous!

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