Hi, welcome to String Revolution. I'm Léan, I live in Dublin with my husband and two little boys, and I am a dangerous stringy subversive.
My job is to radiate my creative truth, and to help you radiate yours. I create, without exception, every day. I write here when I have something to say.

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Remember September?

Open bobbin case

Another month gone! I can’t believe it.

In fact, I don’t believe it. Here at String Revolution, I’m pretty sure it’s still Mayish. But since lots of people seem to be under the impression that 2009 is 75% over, I suppose we’ll be polite and row in behind that gentle fiction.

This here blog

I kicked off the month’s posting with an August update, then channelled my 9-year-old self in what turned out to be my most popular post ever – at least, it’s had the most comments. (Yay readers! You are great!) I then wrote a review of that book I’m not obsessed with, Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years, slipped in a little Sunday Stash post (mmm … alpaca yarn), and revealed some Very Secret Mysteries about making clothes. By special request, I revived an old post about winding wool, and finished up the month with the post I’m possibly proudest of so far, Craft, Compulsion, Privilege, Pay (now with free bonus discussion of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s politics in the comments!).

The juggernaut that is my life

September wasn’t quite as headlong as August, but it had numerous points of interest nonetheless. Three choir gigs with associated rehearsals, visitors from Foreign Parts, a family wedding, paid work, home-ed meetups, ongoing chronic sleep disruption, that sort of thing. And lots of lovely fretting about our finances, which are in a parlous state.

(Just to be clear, because I’m conscious that craft blogging is a pretty privileged activity, my claiming to be in any sense poor would be both risible and offensive. But our household income has fallen sharply this year, just as our debt has swooped skywards on foot of the extension project, leaving us with no truly “disposable” income – i.e. every non-essential or unanticipated cent we spend takes away from an essential budget. It’s a temporary situation, and entered into with open eyes – at least as far as the debt goes – but it’s stressful no matter how you play it. And it has profoundly coloured the last while, which is why it gets a mention here.)

Site tweaks

As well as the posts, I made some small changes to the site itself. My good friend Tadhg, who’s much more familiar with WordPress than I am, kindly took care of a list of issues that had been bothering me (fixing the header so the subscription buttons and search box now work, prettifying my post URLs, and a couple of other things). I also, on a whim, added a link from the About page for anyone who wonders how to pronounce my name. And I’ve put a link in the right-hand sidebar to my Amazon craft-book wishlist. That’s more about scratching at my own boundaries than anything else: I saw it on some other blogs and wondered how it would feel. (Odd, for the record. But I’ll forget about it quickly enough, I imagine.)

The business end

I am proud to share with you the news that String Revolution has made some money! Yes, clickthroughs on my Amazon associate links have earned me the astonishing sum of GBP£0.74. Not enough to retire on, perhaps, but every little helps. Seriously, I am actually very pleased, because I have all kinds of mental/emotional blocks around this, and it’s good to see some evidence of people welcoming the links I’ve included. Baby steps.

Meanwhile, I’ve been chipping away at plans for actual, honest-to-goodness products and services that I could offer around this site. I’ve got a number of ideas, and I hope to float the most developed one quite soon. (The excitement! I tell you!)


I write this blog for you – which is obvious, but I wanted to state it anyway. As I’ve said before, there’s something uniquely thrilling about posting something I care about and getting feedback on it. String Revolution readers are clearly a thoughtful, intelligent bunch of people. There have been some great comments on my September posts, and I’ve also had several lovely private messages from readers. All this connection is wonderful, if scary (in a good way, though). Keep those comments and e-mails coming, in other words!

I’m also enormously grateful whenever you spread the word about String Revolution. Links from your blogs, tweets and retweets on Twitter, Facebook updates: these dramatically increase the flow of visitors to the site. And the more people visit, the greater the chance I have of reaching someone who’ll love hearing what I have to say. Which is what it’s all about.

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