Sunday Stash, no. 2

Alpaca Select yarns in a basket

I went a little mad at the Alpaca Select stall (incidentally, that link has an automatic video, and it’s LOUD!) at last year’s Knitting & Stitching Show. That’s 100% alpaca, in a mixture of DK and 4-ply as far as I can tell (the weight is not marked on the band), and it feels gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that I may one day use it to knit something with.

I bought it with fair-isle in mind, but then I started worrying that I know far less about fair-isle than I ought to (thank you, superego), and shouldn’t “waste” this beautiful yarn on a beginner project. Should instead, presumably, use yarn I don’t love to make something ugly, because it will build character. Yeah. (No.)

6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, no. 2

  1. When I started knitting, I had metal needles and nasty acrylic yarn that had been bequeathed to me for nothing, and since I didn’t like them I thought it best to use them for those practice projects that weren’t going to result in anything concrete. Then I bought some nice yarn at This Is Knit, and I enjoyed knitting with it so much more that it was almost like a different activity. Lesson learned: nice yarn is fun to knit with, and if knitting isn’t fun, I won’t actually do it.

  2. I have so much nice paper that I don’t “dare use”, or my current project is not “good enough” for nice material! So I’ve got all this stuff sitting for years, waiting for me to be talented and brave enough to tackle a befitting project. And I don’t have the physical or mental space for it! so I´m just telling myself that THAT IS WHAT I HAVE, tough luck if it is nice, I get to use nice materials for ordinary projects. Nice post, Léan. I also re-read the nine-year-old self, and I like it even more than before.It makes so much sense!

  3. Oh, yes. If you work out how to permit oneself to use nice things for imperfect work, let me know. I’m ok with using nasty things for mediocre work already (this is a step up from never using anything up at all unless I was sure it would be Worth It).

  4. @longtime: I’m like you with the paper. I have sooo much. And I don’t use it.

    I think I’ll give the Sunday Stash idea a go. I’ll start with yarn, as I already have photos (yay ravelry), but if I could start going through my paper and other craft materials, it might remind me what I have and produce some ideas or motivation.

  5. @Katherine: You’re so right, on all counts. I need to get over my reluctance to use Nice Things.

    @Longtime: Thank you 🙂 The word “dare” is exactly right, isn’t it? Odd that we feel it’s such a transgression – that we need to “earn the right” to use nice things. It reminds me of some advice I read once, to buy decent art materials for children if at all possible. (Which I’ve neglected to do recently. Must remedy that.)

    @Ailbhe: Well, could we swap permissions, maybe? Here: You are hereby officially allowed to WASTE PERFECTLY GOOD MATERIALS on botched projects, unworthy doodlings, and self-indulgent arsing about. This permission also covers using mediocre things for mediocre work, using nice things for mediocre work, using mediocre things for good work, and using nice things for good work. Perfect work is not covered by the terms of this permission, because it is a pipe dream.

    @Mollydot: Loved your Sunday Stash post! And good luck with using some of your paper materials – you make such beautiful things.

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