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August Update

Open bobbin case

At the end of July I posted a quick round-up of what I’d done on the blog so far. It struck me as a nice idea to do one every month, so here’s August’s.

August was … tricky. Listen. If anyone ever says to you, “I know! Why not extend your house while living in it?”, poke them in the eye and run away. Most of the filthy work was complete by the time August rolled around (although sneakily not quite all of it), but that left the unspeakably gargantuan task of getting the place back to some semblance of normality in time for (a) houseguests (yay lovely houseguests!), (b) the Oyster’s fifth birthday festivities (FIVE!), and (c) Niall’s thirty-fifth birthday festivities (yay Niall!).

Cue day after day, night after night, of unpacking, furniture-moving, cleaning, stashing, ditching, stressing. So, not much time for blogging, then, as you’ll have noticed. I’m sorry, little blog. I truly meant to take better care of you, but there simply weren’t even the slivers of time I’d counted on.

Still, focusing on the positive, I managed to produce six posts in August. I started with a progress report on the purple thing (which is coming along, coming along, slowly coming along), then wrote the third in my series of Very Secret Mysteries, about crochet. Next, I delved into my chequered (or at least pleated and beribboned) past and hauled out some examples of 1980s doll couture, before turning to the Very Secret Mysteries of embroidery. In mid-month I managed to dash off my first Sunday Stash post, featuring some amazing silk, and finally, while our houseguests were actually here, I published my fifth Very Secret Mysteries post, about quilting.

And there things stood until the end of the month. But the state of the house is improving, and those were some seriously rocking birthday parties. So it’s not all bad.

And now I’m back (I hope). I have posts in the works, and bucketloads of ideas.

On that note, I’d be delighted if you had any suggestions or questions for me. We still haven’t solved whatever problem is preventing the set-up of e-mail at this domain, but you can leave a comment here, or reach me through Twitter or Ravelry.

Thank you for reading – and perhaps next summer I’ll remember how busy late August always is, and be better prepared!

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