Return of the Purple Thing

The purple thing

It’s been more than usually mad around here these past few days, and I’ve been stalling on writing this post because I haven’t had a chance to take an up-to-date photo of the purple thing. But this evening the very lovely Niall helped me out, with his tripod and everything.

It fits! At least, the waist shaping fits. If anything, in fact, it’s a little on the snug side, but I reckon that’s no bad thing. I’m really liking the way the open yarn-over columns contrast with the denser twisted columns, and the verticals seem, on a hasty appraisal, to be flattering in just the way I’d hoped. You’ll have to wait until I model the finished thing to see the full effect.

As you may have guessed, it’s a tank top / slipover / sweater vest / whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. And strictly, it’s not “the purple thing” any more, now that I’ve added the contrasting yarn. (Don’t you love the shock of it, though? I’m considering working in a reference to Caesar’s blood here, but that may be … forgive me … overkill. As it were. Ahaha. I slay me. Look – I did it again! I’ll get me coat.)

That’s Noro Kureyon, by the way, which my Ravelry friends (hi!) may recognise as being left over from the Butterfly cardigan I made last year. This design decision stems purely from circumstance: I’m reasonably certain that two skeins of the Louet Riverstone wouldn’t be enough for what I want.

This is an experiment: I’m designing as I go. I reserve the right to rip it out, but for the moment, I rather like it. I find the sloped introduction of the Kureyon very pleasing, and the tighter V of the neckline division is a nice contrast. (You can’t see that properly yet, since I’ve only done one side.) My fervent hope at this point is that I didn’t decrease too far on the outer edge. If I did, it’ll have to be ripped, because I’m not having gapey armholes.

The back will be different – possibly with an intarsia picture of some sort. I need to be careful not to use too much of the purple, because I want to knit the armhole and neckline ribbing with it.

So that’s it. Tomorrow is Very Secret Mysteries day, when I’ll be writing about crochet. Until then, farewell.

7 thoughts on “Return of the Purple Thing

  1. I dug out my knitting bag. And discovered a stripy cardigan I was once knitting for Linnea (it’s probably the new baby’s now, if it ever gets made) which only needs one sleeve finished and then the complicated sewing-together part. And a zip. And maybe a collar. IF it fits Emer, it will be great! I love this.

  2. @Longtime: 🙂

    @Ailbhe: Yay knitting! But no, 3mm is really, really UNLIKE 2mm! Difference between a jumper for O and a jumper for F, maybe. Which size did you break?

  3. I broke the 2s, and am making do with measuring against the other sleeve and guessing. We Shall See! Only about 200 stitches to go. How bad can it be? I can always, er, something.

  4. @Ailbhe: You know what? It’ll be perfectly wearable. Try to knit a bit tighter on the 3s – let less yarn through per stitch and you’ll be closer to what it would’ve been on 2s.

  5. Now I have a back, two half-fronts, and two sleeves of *very nearly* the same size. Tomorrow, I will get out that book and try to sew it together. I think I will start at the neck. If it looks terrible, I will knit a collar onto it.

    If I never knit that tight again it will be too soon. My hands hurt.

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