I make textile art, mostly using quilting and embroidery techniques. Long-standing obsessions include children’s art and stitching words. You’ll find a lot of those in my work.

At present, it’s not too easy to buy my original textile pieces, as they’re mostly made with specific recipients in mind. But there are two main ways you can get in on the action:

Smiles by the Feaster, stitched by Léan Way the First: Have me immortalise a favourite piece of child art for you, with the Stitch My Kid’s Art Commission Service.

(I suspect this might actually be the best thing in the world ever.)

Way the Second: Treat yourself to one of my Secret Crowns and Capes – custom-made for you, with your personal words or symbols hand-embroidered on them.

What will yours say?

Secret emblems

Oh … wait, there’s actually a third way

If you love my textile art, why not commission me to make something especially for you? I’m more than willing to discuss any piece you may have in mind.

For the moment, I’m taking these “à la carte” commissions exclusively from people I have an existing connection with. (We don’t have to be best mates – online friendship is fine.) So if we don’t know each other yet, and you think you’d like to go that route, please introduce yourself and let’s get talking!

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