Welcome to the String Revolution!

I’m Léan Ní Chuilleanáin. You may think of me as your Fomentor-in-Chief.

(To join the select coterie of people who can pronounce my name, try this guide.)

Are you:

  • in love with some, all, or many of the stringy arts?
  • excited by the vast matrix of history, politics, and sociology that surrounds textiles?
  • fired up by the question of how textile politics relate to gender politics?
  • interested in how the individual creative process works?
  • a bit of a wordo, a bit thinky, into living an examined life?

Yes? Great! You’re in.

Our mission: to change the way people think about textiles.

When everybody on the planet knows where their string comes from, how it’s made, why it’s made that way, what the social, political, and environmental implications of that are – and let’s not forget how beautiful and fabulous string is in all its multifarious manifestations … our work here will be done.

Until then, la lucha continúa!

What You Can Do

  • Read the blog. The easiest way is to subscribe by e-mail or feed reader. My 100th blog post features a handy round-up of my favourite posts from the first two years of String Revolution.
  • Connect with me on Twitter.
  • Check out Get It Done, which will help you kiss goodbye to those eleventh-hour sprint-marathons as you try to get your crafty project finished.

Oh, and join the Revolutionary Horde, if you want the inside track on what’s going on at String Revolution – particularly if you want to buy something from me, because Horde members always get the best deals.

More About Me

  • I live in Dublin, with my husband and two beautiful sons (the Oyster, born August 2004, and the Feaster, born December 2007).
  • I’m feminist, queer, agnostic, and a long-term breastfeeder.
  • I gave birth to the Feaster at home, which was a fantastic experience.
  • I practise and teach Shiva Nata, a system of orderly movement that stimulates neural connections (while being ridiculously fun to do). Check out Shiva Nata Ireland for more details.
  • Attempting to check my privileges: I’m a white, middle-class, temporarily able-bodied, cis woman.
  • I aim to be an ally of people of colour, socio-economically oppressed people, people with disabilities, trans people – and, in fact, everybody who lacks privileges that I possess.
  • I sometimes call myself an “educational dissident”. In practice this mostly means that our children will not automatically follow the mainstream schooling model.
  • I’m a writer, which in my family is nothing strange.
  • I’m a professional copyeditor and translator.
  • I adore singing. I decided against doing it professionally around the turn of the century, but I’m in a kickass chamber choir.
  • I got more excited about starting this blog (in June 2009) than I’d been about anything in ages. Nerdy but true.

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