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We Interrupt Our Regular Schedule of Stringy Fare to Bring You a Truly Vicious Pun

Colonial Eggacy (could it be the worst pun-cluster in the universe?)

Grand Experiment
Running Totals

NINE (9) items sold, FORTY-ONE (41) to go.

Get yours here!

I sincerely believe that the English-speaking world is divided into two types of people.

If you are of the first type, you’ll find that you cannot look at the above image without dissolving in a puddle of helpless mirth (I include myself in this category – and I drew the damn thing, so that’s hardly even decent).

If you are of the second type, you’ll tend to hold us first-typers in a kind of detached, piteous disdain. Try as you might, you simply cannot understand what it is about this crudely drawn, childish piece of irrelevancy that we are finding so terribly amusing. You suspect we’re putting it on. Maybe even having a joke at your expense…

In short, you’re either going to GET my gloriously vicious pun (which I’ve incubated, by the way, for at least a year before deciding to inflict it on the world), or you are NOT.

If you’re of the second type, you might like to click away now, before I completely destroy my image in your eyes.

Have they gone? … Good.

So, fellow pun-connoisseurs, I’m proposing a Grand Experiment

As long-time readers know well by now, String Revolution is a business, and I am a rationally enthusiastic but emotionally reluctant business owner. I’ve come a long way in addressing my severe marketing phobia, but there’s more to be done.

And here’s the thing: I’m thinking that among the ranks of well-read, language-loving, pun-appreciating, politically literate speakers of English, there must be a sizable constituency of people who would absolutely love to have a physical copy of Colonial Eggacy of their very own – on a mug, say, or a T-shirt.

I mean, if you GET it, you GET it, right? What’s not to like about owning something that makes you grin like a loon every time it catches your eye?

TO THIS END, Colonial Eggacy mugs and T-shirts are available in my Zazzle shop as of today, Monday 21 November 2011.

And here’s the Grand Experiment part:

I want to sell 50 of these.

Now, my usual strategy for a product launch like this would be to talk about it a little bit, here and there, for a day or two, until the shame and despair catch up with me, whereupon I never speak of it again.

In fact, already, I have a fuzzy little monster sitting on my shoulder, muttering, “We told Twitter and Facebook about this hours ago and nobody’s bought any yet – they’re obviously not interested.”

So this time, I’d like to do something different.

The tack I’m going to take is that there are 50 people out there who will truly love and appreciate owning this image in concrete form, and it’s my job to make sure they don’t spend the rest of their lives that little bit less gleeful for never having seen it. Because that would be sad.

Will you help?

You will? Thank you, lovely person!

Here are a few ideas:

  1. You could link on your chosen social media to my Zazzle shop, or to the two individual products.
  2. You could link on your chosen social media to this post, so people can read the backstory about the Grand Experiment.
  3. If you yourself adore Colonial Eggacy, or if you know someone who would adore it – and if you have the budget – you could even, you know, BUY ONE (or several).
  4. You could tell me what other Zazzle products would be suitable candidates for Colonial Eggification.
  5. You could post a comment here, or contact me some other way, conveying general support. (Yes, that totally counts – I’m kind of petrified!)
  6. You could suggest ways of getting the word out that I might not have thought of.
  7. In a little while, if you notice me falling silent about the Grand Experiment, you could give me a gentle nudge.

Meanwhile, here’s what I’ll be doing: Not shutting up about this until 50 items have been sold.

(Just to contextualise, that will represent a major increase in my Zazzle sales.)

I’m allowing myself three months. If it happens sooner than that, I reserve the right to set a new target. I’ll update you periodically (you might want to subscribe to the blog and/or join the Revolutionary Horde if you’re interested in following along with that – see the right-hand sidebar above).

Right! That’s it!

Oh, just one more thing: if you want this, please go ahead and buy it now – you would make a vicious (and, let’s face it, unrepentant) punster very, very happy.

4 comments to We Interrupt Our Regular Schedule of Stringy Fare to Bring You a Truly Vicious Pun

  • Ailbhe

    Remind everyone on Friday. That’s payday for LOADS of people.

  • I *love* that you’ve turned this into a Grand Experiment! I hope it will be a very successful one, both in the sense of “all experiments are successes whether the hypothesis is confirmed or not because we’ve learned something through conducting it” and in the sense of selling your 50 items quickly and having to set a new objective. I’m cheering you on, and looking forward to reading about how it went (if you feel like sharing). Go Léan!

  • I’m just a little disappointed that while you can get this on a beer stein you can’t actually get it on an egg cup. To compensate for this I have now had to order a dozen ostrich eggs from Sheridans.

  • leannich

    @Ailbhe: Good point – done, I hope.

    @Josiane: Yay! Thanks for your support 🙂

    @UnkieDave: Yes, the egg cup thing is a bit of an omission, all right. And you poor thing. Are you going to have to eat them all yourself?

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