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My job is to radiate my creative truth, and to help you radiate yours. I create, without exception, every day. I write here when I have something to say.

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My Secret Vault

DIY light-box

I’m stitching away at my secret crowns and capes, and enjoying the hell out of it.

There’s a background level of excitement the whole time: I’m profoundly thrilled that people are willing to let me do this for them, to trust me with their words and their wishes.

In my head, right

I’m working on these in a secret vault, deep underground. It’s all a bit … techno-medieval, if you see what I mean.

Dark velvet hangings conceal the rough stone walls. At a sort of mad-scientist lab bench in the middle of the room, I brew up the qualities with which each item is infused, and perform the arcane magics that mask these crowns and capes from unenlightened eyes.

There’s a workbench for making and bejewelling the golden crowns. Stone statues act as mannequins for the capes.

The embroidery station, a nook strewn with sumptuous cushions, is suffused with a brilliant glow, of which no source is apparent.

In reality

Not so much with the secret vault. Frankly, I work wherever I can find a clear spot to sit.

Above you can see my “light-box” (aka “sunny window”). My lettering design is taped behind the fabric, and I trace it using a fine fabric pen.

Secret crown embroidery, from the back

Then I get stitching, which is the best bit. I love making the back look as neat as the front.

And I love following the lines of people’s words with my needle, carefully, thoughtfully, stitch by stitch.

Secret crown embroidery, from the front

I’m taking more orders for secret crowns and capes, incidentally. Would you like one? If so, click on over and let me know what you’re looking for.

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